Retractable Banners Versus Media Backdrop Banners

In ancient times, people used to hang the piece of clothing on which they used to write about their shop’s name or the product that they are selling in their shop. As the time passed, people become more and more advanced and started to use modified ways of promoting their product among the people. These advanced ways of promotion were also needed because the competition among brands and companies has grown so much due to the globalization of a world. Everyone is struggling to make their product stand out among the other products. They use different ways to publicize their product. In this article, we will be discussing about one such way of promotion by comparing between retractable banners and media backdrop banners.


Banners are the piece of clothing with an imprinted logo of a company which is hung on the stand to publicize the company or product among the masses. Besides cloth, plastic banners are also being used nowadays. These banners are placed on such locations where there is always hustle and bustle so that people can get acknowledge about the particular product. There are various types of banners. Each of which is special in its own way. These banners differ from pull up banners to reliable teardrop banners.

Retractable banners versus media backdrop banners:

Both; retractable banner and media backdrop banner comes under the category of banners yet they greatly differ on the basis of their characteristics.  As the name implies “retractable banners” are the kind of banners that can retracted back or drawn back into the place from where they have come. These banners are made in such a way that once they have been displayed then they can be put back in the form of cylindrical structure. The logo of the company I imprinted on the piece of cloth or plastic which pops out of the cylindrical stand like structure. Even though these banners are quite light in weight and can be easily carried around yet their stand is quite firm and remains steady on its place.

On the other hand media backdrop banner is the kind of a huge sized banner on which company’s name or product name is imprinted. These banners are used as a backdrop in any kind of media personnel’s meeting. Both of the banners; retractable banner as well as media backdrop banner aim is to promote the product amongst the masses.


Banners are one of the most suitable methods of promoting a product amongst the masses. There are various types of banners whose purpose is same but they may differ in their qualities and characteristics. Retractable banners and media backdrop banners are two such kinds of banners which differ on the basis of their size, their structure and their weight. Retractable banners can be easily carried around and occupies lesser space as compared to media backdrop banners. “Banner world” offers the best quality of retractable banners all across the Sydney, Melbourne and Australia.